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Colombia: 7/26/06, Wed.

9:30 a.m. I woke from bad nursing dreams at 7:15. While getting ready for the day, Cheryl told me she felt like she'd had a film over her right eye, and that the pupil was now dilated. I looked with a flashlight, and sure enough it won't react to light. If it's still nonresponsive tomorrow, we'll have her see a Dr.

Before breakfast my team led the devotional. It went really well with awesome discussion about Mary vs. Martha, thr truly important things on our trip, urgent vs. important. We closed with five minutes of silent prayer and reflection - the shortest 5 minutes of prayer I can remember! Barbara closed in a final prayer.

I finally understood something during that time. I tend to gravitate toward older men for all spiritual questions and discussion. That's because my own father is not spiritually mature. I need a physical spiritual father (if that makes sense), and rather than pick just one, I usually have two or three. Praise God for all my spiritual dads!

They've called for taxis, and we're going to do street evangelism. I plan to translate for Sharlla.

10:15 Cheryl threw up and is still nauseated, but is resisting going to a Dr. yet. Maybe after evangelizing I can convince her.

12:00 We passed out tracts for 45 minutes, then did the drama. My part was to lie on a blanket until my turn, then wave Jose Jr. over and cover us with a second blanket. Then we all wrapped him in toilet paper, and put on signs with the particular sin we represented. When we were done, Jose Sr. came in wearing a serape and tore off the signs. Jose Jr. ripped off the toilet paper chains, hugged 'Jesus', and walked off stage.

After the drama we shared wtih groups about Christ - until a man started yelling that he was a guerilla, and had been arrested in the U.S. He said it had been a while since he killed someone, and he was going to kill someone right now! That was our cue to get out of there.

I also met a woman who didn't see the drama. I told her what it was about, and then she asked, "Where are you from - the United States?" I said, "Yes," and she immediately shook her hand as if shaking off something foul, and went away with an angry look.

But on the flip side, so many people heard about Jesus, and several prayed to receive Christ! We handed out a lot of tracts with the address of Pastor Lucho's Church on them. Who knows what God will do with all that?

3:00 p.m. After lunch I played Skit-Scat until I lost, then lost a game of pool to Aldo. It was a lot of fun, though. Edit: Aldo is only 26, but has been married about 8 years and has three children. He's a lot of fun, and keeps me laughing! He calls me Ben & Jerry instead of B.J., because I remind him of his favorite ice cream. Tonight we're doing another Church service with a third congregation, probably the same format as last night, but only one service. I'm glad for that!

4:40 p.m. Well, I couldn't stay out of the pool! I put on sunscreen and stayed in the shade to avoid another sunburn. I played catch with Juan David (Pastor Lucho's young son) in the pool, and then practiced turning around using flips for doing laps.

I got out at 4pm to shower. There was no water upstairs, so I had to use the one downstairs. By the way, there is no hot water in Ibague, so you have to shower quickly!

5:50 Juan David showed us some card tricks while we ate granadillas (a fruit like a pomegranate), and Brian & Pastor John joined in the demonstration. We actually got a bus today instead of taxis, and in fact last night we rented a very nice van. I'm sure the van or bus would cost more for short rides. But this Church is father away, so that's why we all went in one vehicle.

One 'hermana' (sister in Christ) pointed out the speedometer placed behind the driver, so the people can see it. If he exceeds a certain speed (usually 60 kph), an alarm will sound. If he doesn't slow down, the people are supposed to call the police!

I also learned more about Pastor John's family. The oldest son is named David, and the next Juan David. I asked why the duplication, and Juan David explained. David is not their son by birth. When he was a child, his parents in Bogota sent him to Ibague, where he has grandparents. Pastor Lucho & his wife ended up taking him in. He doesn't live with them now, but they consider him their son.

I also learned that Cindy's middle name is Mageerly - pronounced "Mayerli." I asked what language that was from, and she said her mom made it up!

7:30 Three brothers are the band. Pastor Samuel, I think the oldest brother, is the lead singer. Another plays piano and sings backup, and the third plays drums. The music was incredible! Pastor John wanted a CD, but they didn't have one readily available. They're going to send one to the U.S., and I hope I can get a copy too.

I got 2 pics with some little children: Sofia, Diana & Cindy. Sofia is almost 8 years old, and asked me during the prayer time to pray for her grandma. Pastor Samuel told me later that her grandma doesn't come to Church.

Diana's 'mother' told me the girl was abandoned by her parents, and she took the child in. The mother asked me to pray that God will give Diana new parents.
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