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Colombia: 7/27/06, Thurs.

6:60 a.m. Today was an early rising to the sound of heavy rain and thunder. The rain has slowed some and the clouds are thinning, but I hope this lasts all day. It's cooler! We're going to a school that has children from pre-school through what we would call High School. We're going to present testimonies, the drama, and the Gospel to 60 kids; half today and half tomorrow.

Before bed last night we taught Fabian how to play Hearts. When he tired, we conned Kristi into replacing him. Well, Kristi won! John got 2nd, Aldo 3rd, adn I lost. (We only played to 50 pts.)

I wish I had some quiet time this morning, but there really was no opportunity. Maybe I can at least read on the bus... but I also enjoy getting to know my teammates...

Edit: I did do some reading on the bus when everyone else was kinda quiet.

10:15 a.m. Isn't it lunchtime yet? lol At least there's a concession stand, and they gave us bottled juice. We did 3 classes of teens and pre-teens, and after a break we'll do one more. We did introductions, 1-2 testimonies, taught them "This Is The Day" in English with motions, and broke into groups to answer questions and present the Gospel.

Now Sharlla has out her famous jumprope, and the rest of us are chatting. It's almost time for our last class. This is wonderful. Jose Jr. got some pics of me doing the song, and some of Sharlla and me in a group. I also got one of me with some kids here.

12:10 Walking from the school we came to the clinic where Fabian's mom is during her illness. On the way, we saw a street vendor who was illegally selling. You can only have a permit for a stationary cart, but hers was mobile. So they chased her, and she tripped & the cart turned over, spilling all her fruits & vegetables. The police will take her to the station, basically 'slap her wrist', and let her go. The people here are so desperate for work.

12:30 Fabian took John & Barbara up to see his mother while we prayed for her, then we took taxis back to the house.

I'm learning that all the cities are safe, and the drug lords and weapons smugglers are in the mountains, mostly to the southern part of the country. "Guerrillas" often descend on a small village and tell them, "We're going to sack this village this afternoon, and if you're still here we're going to kill you." So people run to cities like Ibague with the clothes on their backs.

The government in Ibague has designated a large neighborhood specifically for displaced people, and there they live in abject poverty.

2:10 Before lunch I smoked Crhistian at a game of pool, and afterwards won Skit-Scat against Barbara, Aldo & Kristi. Now I'm going to swim. We leave at 6pm for the conferences. I don't know yet which I'll be traslating for.

5:55 I swam at least an hour, probably longer, and got to help little Laura (Pastor Lucho's little daughter) practice swimming. They rented a washer (5,000 pesos for 5 hrs., and 2,300 pesos=$1.00), and all my dirty clothes have been washed and are hanging up to dry.

I played another game of Skit-Scat Edit: yes, we played all week long! and watch Kristi surprise Aldo. He thought he'd won with 28 points, out of a possible 31, and she laid down 29! That happened to him twice.

I'll be translating for Sharlla's Women's Conference at a Church that is only 3 years old. Pastor Wilson (yes, that's his first name) said that someone had prophesied that one day foreigners would come speak to them about God. That prophesy has come true tonight!

*Sometime later that night...* My mouth dried out and I kept stuttering and losing words, but I know God spoke anyway. One young man was there for the first time, and Sharlla (with Laura translating) presented the Gospel to him. Praise God, we have a nwe brother in Christ!

Back at the house, Also, John, Barbara & Kristi kept me giggling and laughing. Kristi didn't play Skit-Scat with us, but I think she brought her journal down with her so she could write while being entertained. I have got to introduce Dave to Aldo!
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