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Poem: In Silence

In Silence With Thoughts of You

I sit in silence with thoughts of you
wishing I could see you
wondering how you fare
Not a day ends that you haven't wandered
  into my daydreams
You are a constant presence in your absence.

Dreams blend with memories
what may be consists in part of what was
A smile, a look, a touch, a word -
I dream and pray that I experience them once more
before you are taken away by your future.

I dare too much, I presume
I have no rights, no claim on you
save that of friendship
and even that is yet uncertain.

But hope blossoms
A pale yellow daffodil that attempts to
  hurry spring along by its early bloom
So I hope
  and dream and pray
and sit in silence with thoughts of you...

February 22, 1998
Bonnie J. (Askey) Weathers