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May. 8th, 2013


Poem: Not Like Them

Not Like Them

What am I doing here?
I don't belong. Not like the girl in the corner.
She acts like three or four years old.
She's disruptive. I can't even think around her.

So I drink and smoke weed.
So I ran away a couple of times,
and tried to slit my wrists.
Does that make me crazy?
I'm just doing what my parents do.
What about them? It's always me, me, me.
I'm the problem child,
I'm aggressive & angry & depressed & suicidal.
They always blame me.
They're so stupid.
They don't see that it's them.
No responsibility; they're always high or drunk.
Then they get mad when I do it,
And push me around like a little doll.

I hate them.
I wish I could take a gun and blow them away.
I wish they loved me.

I'll never treat my kids like that.
I'm gonna be a good parent.
I only do a little weed to calm me down.
I'll never hit them; I'll be good to them.
I'm not like my Dad.

Or am I?

Written October 22, 1998
By Bonnie J. (Askey) Weathers

Mar. 21st, 2013


New poem: Sunflower Quilt

(Writing prompt: "Write about a quilt or a blanket.)

Sunflower Quilt
Wrinkled fingers clutched the quilt,
Bringing it shakily to her sagging chest;
Salty drops fell onto the fabric
As her lipsticked mouth quivered.

A quick sigh steadying her,
She held up the heavy blanket,
Gazing with fierce love and grief
On the sunflower pattern pieces.

Variegated necktie petals
Radiated from a motley center;
Her beloved, now-departed husband
Commemorated in accessories.

Written 3/21/13
By B.J. Weathers

Mar. 17th, 2013


Poem: In Silence

In Silence With Thoughts of You

I sit in silence with thoughts of you
wishing I could see you
wondering how you fare
Not a day ends that you haven't wandered
  into my daydreams
You are a constant presence in your absence.

Dreams blend with memories
what may be consists in part of what was
A smile, a look, a touch, a word -
I dream and pray that I experience them once more
before you are taken away by your future.

I dare too much, I presume
I have no rights, no claim on you
save that of friendship
and even that is yet uncertain.

But hope blossoms
A pale yellow daffodil that attempts to
  hurry spring along by its early bloom
So I hope
  and dream and pray
and sit in silence with thoughts of you...

February 22, 1998
Bonnie J. (Askey) Weathers

Mar. 14th, 2013


Poem: The Old Guitar

Here's a brand new poem. The writing prompt said, "Close your eyes. Write about what you see." The music I was listening to evoked this memory, which took place in a small town in Mexico, long ago...

The Old Guitar
Callused fingers plucked the strings
Head bent over the old guitar
Foot tapping out the beat

The moon rose behind him
Granting his black hair a white halo
And his brown skin a silvery sheen

Forty feet stomped and twirled
To the corrido he strummed
While the rest of us clapped and sang

A few cumbias later, the dance square
Held only a few lovers
Rocking each other to his ballads

And I dreamed all the way home
Of dancing with a lover of my own
To the rhythms of an old guitar

March 13, 2013
Written by B.J. Weathers

Mar. 13th, 2013


Poem: Haunting Kisses

Haunting Kisses

Your kisses haunt me and your gaze yet disturbs me.
I long to hold you again, or to even hear your voice.
But as I write, you fly from my grasp.

So brief yet momentous the collision of our lives.
And as tragic, the separation. Ah, the cruelty of fate,
that joins two beings for an instant of pure heaven,
and then forces them to walk away.

Could I have forsaken duty, I'd have stayed in your arms.
Could I have forgotten danger, we'd have possessed the night.
Could I have forgiven myself, I'd have given myself up to
your kisses, your hands, your heat.

Yet you are not forever to me lost. Though miles stand
between us, each heart will hear the other. This moment will
not be forgotten; this memory won't be bound by distance.
For I hold you in my heart, and I will not let go.

As I miss you, miss me...

November 22, 1998
Bonnie J. (Askey) Weathers

Mar. 8th, 2013


Poem: Flattered


Strange to me this nervousness
This can't-quite-breathe and butterflies
Yet not unfamiliar

In one look the playful flirting became more
Teasing became trembling
A second was a year
As his eyes melted my resistance

In any other, I might have fallen
Why then am I merely flattered
Even with heart pounding and breath short?

November 6, 1998
Bonnie J. (Askey) Weathers

Feb. 24th, 2013


(Untitled Poem)


Colors of music and movement
Poetry in literal motion
Dance with me
Feel the rhythm sway your body
Can flight be imprisoned in words?

November 6, 1998
Bonnie J. (Askey) Weathers

Feb. 20th, 2013


Poem: Cell Bird

Cell Bird

Bites at my toes and nibbles my fingers
Which grip these bars I hide behind.
She knows about me
But not much more than that I exist.
(Must be sneaky –
mum’s the word…)
Why must I remain in this musty cell?
I got out once…
I said, ‘Bye, bye B.J.,’
but they locked me in again
and double-bolted the door.
When did last the sun burn?
How long since moonbeams trickled down my face?
When the first, for that matter?
I always gave her that feeling of not-quite-right,
She never guessing ‘twas me.
(Ain’t I a stinka’?)
And in her ear I whisper:
‘that was my cold hand on your shoulder
reaching through grey steel to twist your brain…
Mirror broken on the wall
Fragments of my face still fall
And a crimson faucet drips
As pain my knuckles grips
To and fro
Back and forth
Rock the baby
I never bore
Stings my eyes and squeezes my skull.
Who opened the door?
No matter –
I walk out into the world of sanity…
Prepare for chaos!

October 11, 1998
Bonnie J. (Askey) Weathers

P.S. I really dislike that LJ doesn't keep my formatting. If I put a few spaces in front of a line, LJ doesn't show it. Do any of y'all know how to get LJ to recognize spaces at the beginning of a line? >:(

Feb. 17th, 2013


Poem: Breeze in the Night

Breeze in the Night

I am the breeze caressing your cheek
the night air embalming the memory
of one enchanted evening

I wonder of you feel my touch in the night
remembering how these fingers
sifted your hair

I hear a whisper – your soft promises of more to come
I see your face in my mirror
I feel your skin against mine
I touch you – and encounter air

I worry that you don’t feel the same
promises have been broken
words have been empty for me

I cry deep in my heart for something I fear –
that everlasting vow of fidelity
love surpassing eternity

I try to imagine your lips brushing mine
I dream of the day I will again see your smile

But until then
I will ever be
a breeze caressing your cheek

December 14, 1998
Bonnie J. (Askey) Weathers

Feb. 16th, 2013


Poem: Beginning Again

Beginning Again

The first time I was flung heart-first off the cliff.
Three months of soaring, then he broke my wings
and watched as my heart-blood spilled on the rocks below.
Now I once again find myself drawn to the same cliff.
Is this the beginning –
when my skin remembers his touch hours later?
when my ears strain for his voice,
and my heart is eased by his smile?
How I fear the cliff –
yet long to soar.
How I dread the fall –
yet yearn to fly.
Ah, cruel love
that hast divided my will…

December 4, 1998
Bonnie J. (Askey) Weathers

This was several years before I met my husband. You'll see that I had many crushes and romantic interests in my college days. :)

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