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Colombia: 7/22/06, Sat.

8:30 a.m. I confess I cried when hugging Dave goodbye, and I'm still teary. We left the house at 8:00, and got to the airport before 8:20. I couldn't check my suitcase outside, so I had to say goodbye much sooner than I wanted. I wish I hadn't gotten here so early - I have 3 hrs. to wait for my flight...

Edit: The following was suggested in the packet we were given. Each part reflects one of the CORE values of my Church: Committment, Ownership, Relationships, and Encouragement.

I'm still figuring out what it means to "show up surrendered," but I am committed to this trip. I plan to do a lot of translating for my monolingual teammates, and a whole lot of encouraging everyone.

How can I take ownership of this trip? What area am I responsible for? Well, tranlating, I guess. Seems like these 1st two go hand in hand.

I need to get to know my teammates, especially the quietest one. I'm not even sure of her name... (Cheryl?) Edit: her name was Kristi. As for those in Colombia, well, they will be easy for me to love from a point of grace.

I want to make a point of quiet time, and then discuss what God shows me with my teammates. Since I'm hormonal, I need to make a special point of choosing joy and avoiding anger/frustration.

Father, help me to do these things, and to learn the lessons you've prepared for me. Show me the opportunities to serve you, even now, and give me appropriate boldness.

8:30 p.m.
We left the airport on time, at 11:55 a.m., arriving in Atlanta, GA around 3:30 p.m. On the way I saw some clouds that looked like crashing waves, but I didn't take a pic. We walked hurriedly across the airport in Atlanta instead of taking the subway, and I took a pic of Sharlla and Jose Sr. ahead of me on the moving walkway. We got to the other terminal at about 4pm - only to discover they were 1/2 hr. delayed.

We boarded at 4:30, and then due to luggage delays, ended up taking off a full 1 1/2 hrs. late! So instead of arriving in Bogota at 8:15, we'll get there at 9:45 p.m. But God's timing is perfect, so I won't complain.

I did get a pic of my seatmates, Brian & Laura (Edit: they're living in Dallas right now, but Brian is from my Church), and a few of clouds. The first was a really cool formation. The 2nd was at 35,000 ft., and I hope I'll be able to see just how far down the ground is! The 3rd was of a coastline - I think FL, but it might have been Cuba.

We ate dinner while watching Take The Lead, with Antonio Banderas. Pasta was only warm, but the salad and roll made up for it. If only it didn't get dark so quickly; I enjoy watching the ground & clouds...

It did drizzle in Atlanta, and rain & clouds are predicted for Bogota. I wonder what the city will look like in the dark from the air...

Ah, we are through the clouds, and I can see towns (relatively small) lit up & strung like Christmas lights. It's not Bogota, but it is pretty. There is much more darkness than light, though. I guess that's why we go - to bring Light. God is good.

10:30 p.m. Change of hotel - the House of the Colonial Embassy (Casa La Embajada Colonial) is small but quaint. I'm rooming with Kristi, good chance to get to know her better. We're each taking a twin bed, and using the double in the middle for our luggage! Tomorrow we rise early, so off to bed I go.
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