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Poem: Breeze in the Night

Breeze in the Night

I am the breeze caressing your cheek
the night air embalming the memory
of one enchanted evening

I wonder of you feel my touch in the night
remembering how these fingers
sifted your hair

I hear a whisper – your soft promises of more to come
I see your face in my mirror
I feel your skin against mine
I touch you – and encounter air

I worry that you don’t feel the same
promises have been broken
words have been empty for me

I cry deep in my heart for something I fear –
that everlasting vow of fidelity
love surpassing eternity

I try to imagine your lips brushing mine
I dream of the day I will again see your smile

But until then
I will ever be
a breeze caressing your cheek

December 14, 1998
Bonnie J. (Askey) Weathers