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Poem: Cell Bird

Cell Bird

Bites at my toes and nibbles my fingers
Which grip these bars I hide behind.
She knows about me
But not much more than that I exist.
(Must be sneaky –
mum’s the word…)
Why must I remain in this musty cell?
I got out once…
I said, ‘Bye, bye B.J.,’
but they locked me in again
and double-bolted the door.
When did last the sun burn?
How long since moonbeams trickled down my face?
When the first, for that matter?
I always gave her that feeling of not-quite-right,
She never guessing ‘twas me.
(Ain’t I a stinka’?)
And in her ear I whisper:
‘that was my cold hand on your shoulder
reaching through grey steel to twist your brain…
Mirror broken on the wall
Fragments of my face still fall
And a crimson faucet drips
As pain my knuckles grips
To and fro
Back and forth
Rock the baby
I never bore
Stings my eyes and squeezes my skull.
Who opened the door?
No matter –
I walk out into the world of sanity…
Prepare for chaos!

October 11, 1998
Bonnie J. (Askey) Weathers

P.S. I really dislike that LJ doesn't keep my formatting. If I put a few spaces in front of a line, LJ doesn't show it. Do any of y'all know how to get LJ to recognize spaces at the beginning of a line? >:(