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Poem: Haunting Kisses

Haunting Kisses

Your kisses haunt me and your gaze yet disturbs me.
I long to hold you again, or to even hear your voice.
But as I write, you fly from my grasp.

So brief yet momentous the collision of our lives.
And as tragic, the separation. Ah, the cruelty of fate,
that joins two beings for an instant of pure heaven,
and then forces them to walk away.

Could I have forsaken duty, I'd have stayed in your arms.
Could I have forgotten danger, we'd have possessed the night.
Could I have forgiven myself, I'd have given myself up to
your kisses, your hands, your heat.

Yet you are not forever to me lost. Though miles stand
between us, each heart will hear the other. This moment will
not be forgotten; this memory won't be bound by distance.
For I hold you in my heart, and I will not let go.

As I miss you, miss me...

November 22, 1998
Bonnie J. (Askey) Weathers